Assembling your bag strap -

When you receive your Rylan bag, the strap has a loop in between the two brass studs. It comes like this so the loop is not lost. When you assemble your strap, please move the loop over the brass stud so it can be used to hold down the belt when assembled. If the loop is a little too tight to take over the stud, you can twist your stud open to take it over easier. If you have any questions regarding this, please email customer service at


Our Leather -

Rylan bags are designed in Australia and made from the highest quality European leathers. Leather is natural and as such has unique characteristics and colour variations. These variations in colour and grain are not considered imperfections. Your Rylan bag has been created to evolve with you for many years. Any ageing and wear will add to the beauty of this product and reflect the adventures of your life. 


Here are some tips to maintain the beauty of your Rylan bag and to ensure that it ages gracefully.

- Keep your bag in a cool, dry place. Avoid contact with direct sunlight and liquids of any description.
- Avoid exposure to any form of heat and humidity.
- Try to avoid overfilling your bag as it may cause the bag to stretch or alter its shape.
- Store your bag in the Rylan dust bag provided when not in use, never store it in a plastic bag.
- Be careful not to rub your bag against abrasive objects or surfaces.

For all vegetable tan leather satchels/bags, please ensure you nourish the bag with a leather conditioner every year. This will ensure the skin of the bag is well maintained.

Thank you for investing in something beautiful.